Web Development Resources (WD-5)

10 Advance jQuery Scripts to take Your Website to the Next Level http://bit.ly/3KDvKN
10 Awesome PSD to XHTML Tutorials http://bit.ly/1nBWs
10 Cartoon sites with style http://bit.ly/17FsWo
10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks http://bit.ly/tIDBw
10 Essential tips to get started with CSS http://bit.ly/FDPQ5
10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites http://bit.ly/44AO8
10 Most Inspiring Horizontal Websites http://bit.ly/XcdJk
13 Tips For A Better E-Commerce Website http://bit.ly/zOKVL
13 Useful Techniques for Enhancing Web Design Photography http://bit.ly/13LTmj
13 Ways to Browser Test and Validate Your Work http://bit.ly/XFU1
14 Tutorials to Get You into SimplePie http://bit.ly/PFc6R
15 Advanced DropBox Hacks & Tips http://bit.ly/Hd1Wn
15 New jQuery Plugins To Help You Conquer The Web http://bit.ly/1Y83Qe
15+ CSS Tips and Tricks http://bit.ly/11j4F9
16 Free Javascript Code Syntax Highlighters For Better Programming http://bit.ly/gnfFJ
160+ Mega Web Design Tutorial Roundup http://bit.ly/9Pqp4
20 Beautiful Dark Designs for Inspiration http://bit.ly/ERv8Z
20 Creative Web Forms For Design Inspiration http://bit.ly/2CUpeW
20 Excellent Examples of Using Animals in Web Design http://bit.ly/h8bY0
20 Fantastic Resources For User Experience Know How http://bit.ly/41QPAz
20 Rules All Freelancers Should Follow http://bit.ly/Z2QmD

Design and Graphics Resources (DGR-5)

10 Excellent Services To Get Feedback For Your Design Works http://bit.ly/FLJD8
10 Great Free Adobe Air Apps that Every Designer and Developer Should Use http://bit.ly/11Aevr
10 steps to becoming a successful freelance designer http://bit.ly/KNoiq
100 Amazing Design Blogs To Subscribe To http://bit.ly/11ytoq
100 Artworks from the Top 20 Digital Artists in South America http://bit.ly/rBSYm
110 Fresh Logo Designs For Design Inspiration http://bit.ly/nChIs
121 Amazing Triple Monitor Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop http://bit.ly/aCJgq
123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration http://bit.ly/Uxi09
15 Typical Examples of Photoshop Tutorials Websites for Inspiration http://bit.ly/HImyh
20 Breathtaking Macro Photography Shots http://bit.ly/BNwFr
20 Free Graffiti Fonts You Should Already Have http://bit.ly/4bSvjR
20 Incredible Sunrise Wallpapers Caught in Space http://bit.ly/mVnRN
20 Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers http://bit.ly/2aWMJ
200+ Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Primo’ http://bit.ly/3Wxuis
21 Amazing Underwater Scenes for Inspiration http://bit.ly/FJXl1
23 Incredible And Creative Origami Artworks http://bit.ly/1100EM
25 Classic Fonts That Will Last a Whole Design Career http://bit.ly/3y6HSq
25 HQ Tribal Tattoo Brush Set http://bit.ly/1b4Rlq
25 Inspiring Automotive Advertisements http://bit.ly/12vbqi
27 useful Color Palette tools and Resoruces http://bit.ly/EXjbU
30 Awesome Textures for Creating Subtle Grunge Designs http://bit.ly/1eSBbo

Web Development Resources (WD-4)

34 Ways to Use YouTube for Business http://bit.ly/5SHqp
25+ Create Amazing Image Effects with Some of the Best jQuery Plugins Available http://bit.ly/SPXCz
40+ Magento Themes for E-Commerce Websites http://bit.ly/sdSwU
30+ principles to a better web page design http://bit.ly/18QjWL
30+ Websites That Use Wood Texture http://bit.ly/dQEb8
30+ Websites That Use Wood Texture http://bit.ly/dQEb8
141 Simple And Smashing Icons To Spice Up Your Desktop http://bit.ly/ENB81
404 Pages - 50 Creative and Inspiring 404 Pages http://bit.ly/4tkcmM
Stay Up to Date with Web Trends Utilizing these 20 Awesome Sites http://bit.ly/6Dg9I
Web scraping PHP class for web developers  http://bit.ly/2TiwSr
E-Commerce Web Design Toolbox http://bit.ly/CIrdu
The Circle As A Design Fetish & 20 Fresh Examples http://bit.ly/3HhBS
The Ultimate Guide to Decoding the Flickr API http://bit.ly/1atBHI
Create The Fanciest Dropdown Menu You Ever Saw http://bit.ly/WKFQa
Creative 404 Page Designs – Part I http://bit.ly/VUiTz
Open-Source JavaScript frameworks to develop stunning, interface-rich web applications  http://bit.ly/12pPuw
Animated Navigation w/ jQuery & CSS http://bit.ly/iEA2Z
8 Important SEO Techniques To Kickstart Your Website http://bit.ly/yCiti
Reinventing a Drop Down with CSS and jQuery http://bit.ly/YbCe8
Simple Web Design: 75 Sites Featuring Minimalist Interfaces http://bit.ly/BfJC6
MooTools Tutorials and Resources Round-Up http://bit.ly/fAjTO

Web Development Resources (WD-3)

25 Awesome Online Store Built with Magento http://bit.ly/OAf9S
13 beautiful green website designs for Inspiration http://bit.ly/dEmSQ
11 Excellent AppleScripts Speeding up Daily Tasks http://bit.ly/jQgSk
60 Excellent Resources for Free CSS / (X)HTML Templates & Layouts http://bit.ly/Ymf0c
40 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers http://bit.ly/K9Kjh
15 Freelancer Design And Development Creative Job Boards http://bit.ly/sJSi5
55 Fresh Examples Of Corporate Website Designs  http://bit.ly/8kxyb
16 Gorgeous Web Safe Fonts To Use With CSS http://bit.ly/gB7Xe
30 Great Examples Of Drop-Down And Sliding Menus http://bit.ly/zWgGt
35 Inspirational Shopping Cart Page Designs http://bit.ly/zGMue
20 Inspirational, Clean E-Commerce Website Designs http://bit.ly/7StT4
30 Most Influential People In Programming http://bit.ly/2V6Lu7
15 PHP regular expressions for web developers http://bit.ly/hQ6Z3
50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics http://bit.ly/5GQQc
15 sites web developers and designers should know http://bit.ly/4Dwfxe
13 Things to Know SEOwise as a Web Designer http://bit.ly/aYD2L
12 Tips on Pricing your Web Work http://bit.ly/GOkqa
10 Tips to Create a More Usable Web http://bit.ly/iZq4u
10 Useful & Quality Design Resources on GraphicRiver http://bit.ly/5spc7
10 Useful code snippets for web developers http://bit.ly/A2aqv
10 Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug http://bit.ly/1oDNrp

Web Development Resources (WD-2)

40 Highly Creative Headers http://bit.ly/2qJTHg
40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns http://bit.ly/10bmI7
45 Most Creative Blog Designs from blogosphere http://bit.ly/8q2K2
46 Inspiring Website Templates for Web Design Firms http://bit.ly/17twhX
47 Tutorials for Creating Professional Posters and Advertisements http://bit.ly/1fSxPF
5 New CSS Techniques For Your Next Web Design http://bit.ly/10vyja
50 Best jQuery plugins http://bit.ly/wHmCX
50 Useful Tools and Generators for Easy CSS Development http://bit.ly/14aIku
6 Tips for Choosing the Right Freelancer http://bit.ly/xZJwJ
7 Benefits To Learn And Use CSS http://bit.ly/O5ro2
9 Useful Time tracking Applications http://bit.ly/10v3qh
96 Beautiful & Stunning Website Headers Inspiration http://bit.ly/AX4Ji
Be Smart, Use Version Control At Home And Everywhere Else http://bit.ly/g8efn
Breaking It Down: Regular Expressions http://bit.ly/2Af3Ii
Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which? http://bit.ly/12eptQ
Getting Started with CSS: A Practical Exercise http://bit.ly/LgtDl
How to build a desktop WYSIWYG editor with WebKit and HTML 5 http://bit.ly/ve60c
How to mentor entry level developers http://bit.ly/Gl8EM
In choosing a CMS: 40+ Great CMS Theming Tutorials http://bit.ly/nZ7nz
Mega CSS Resource Roundup http://bit.ly/o14yx
Niche Content Management Systems http://bit.ly/17SAIC

Design and Graphics Resources (DGR-4)

10 Amazing Chairs on the Cutting Edge of Seating Design http://bit.ly/cERd0
10 Beautiful Free Hand-Sketched Fonts http://bit.ly/dxUZy
10 Designer freebies sites http://bit.ly/NYa17
10 Essential Favourite Blogs To Learning Illustrator For Inspiration http://bit.ly/rQpW7
100 Amazing Light Painting http://bit.ly/393VRG
100 Stunning Examples of Creative Glamour Photography http://bit.ly/te4ne
12 Inspiration Logos Featuring Subtle Symbolism http://bit.ly/2AWVYT
14 Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/2D3Y5P
22 Free Fonts To Achieve That Hand Drawn Effect http://bit.ly/2Gc45Q
23 Breathtaking Moments And Ideas Captured By Photographers http://bit.ly/pfXpV
25 Beautiful Examples Of Typography Portraits http://bit.ly/1a0HcE
25 Free Blocky Fonts Ideal For Logo And Poster Design http://bit.ly/bq7pV
25 Various Styles of The Wizard of Oz Illustrations http://bit.ly/KR6ns
29 Gorgeous and Colorful Macro Photographs http://bit.ly/6g2ct
30 Classic Music Albums Recreated With Lego http://bit.ly/40aUD7
30 Gorgeous Text Effects of Photoshop http://bit.ly/8qEHb
30 Logo Designs Using Gradient 3D Effects http://bit.ly/l2sWY
32 Handy Gradient Tutorials Using Photoshop And Illustrator http://bit.ly/UAZa2
35 Beautiful Photography Websites http://bit.ly/OPqks
38 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/Q5B4W
40 Irresistible High Quality Handdrawn Brush Pack http://bit.ly/11FVxI

Design and Graphics Resources (DGR-3)

10 awesome PSD to XHTML tutorials http://bit.ly/1nBWs
10 Free High Res Cardboard Type Textures http://bit.ly/92jfw
10 High-Quality Free Tree Bark Textures http://bit.ly/11hxht
100+ Minimal and Typographic Package Designs http://bit.ly/cwq7m
140 Amazing Photoshop Actions sets and Tutorials http://bit.ly/JN8af
20 Blogs for Designers + 50 Designers on Twitter http://bit.ly/elhxE
20+ Stunning HDR Image tutorials for Photoshop and Photomatrix users http://bit.ly/VB2Nj
25+ Fabulous Examples of Photo Manipulation http://bit.ly/18umQb
26 Super Sleek Car Photo-Manipulations http://bit.ly/13ABcL
30 Creative and Unique Wine Label Designs http://bit.ly/k3YjZ
30 Inspiring and Beautiful Widescreen Wallpapers http://bit.ly/4zghad
30 Inspiring And Creative Examples of Colorful Pattern Designs http://bit.ly/9prxb
30 Inspiring Eastern Dragon Illustrations http://bit.ly/1FQK4K
33 Inspirational Illustrations http://bit.ly/RkZvN
35 High Def Wallpapers to Calm and Inspire You http://bit.ly/Rk2iK
37 Super Cool Etch-a-Sketch Drawings http://bit.ly/tNuA
40 Free High Quality Hand-drawn Fonts http://bit.ly/C9V7E
40 Fresh Creative and Inspiring Photographs http://bit.ly/bmOWU
40 Games Wallpapers http://bit.ly/4EWvB
40 Irresistible High Quality Handdrawn Brush Pack http://bit.ly/11FVxI
45 Awesome Game Concept Arts http://bit.ly/PfZYm
50 Cool Free Desktop Wallpapers http://bit.ly/3Zw6FT

Design and Graphics Resources (DGR-2)

30 Wildly Creative Logos that Showcase Animals http://bit.ly/oCplH
32 Excellent Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorial http://bit.ly/oruRE
35+ Fresh Floral & Swirl Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/dVICp
40 Examples of Incredible Hand-Drawn Typography http://bit.ly/lAo1b
40 High Resolution And Elegant Apple Wallpapers http://bit.ly/5Nl7l
40+ Vector Characters Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials http://bit.ly/fXPwl
45 Sets of Seamless #Vector Patterns http://bit.ly/hfZGK
50 Best digital artworks http://bit.ly/Dqor1
50 Burning Logos - Amazing Must See! http://bit.ly/1h1TFb
50 Examples of Vintage Typography http://bit.ly/jdHfF
50 More Amazing Apple/Mac Desktop Wallpapers http://bit.ly/NrB4v
50+ Artistic and Conceptual High Resolution Wallpapers http://bit.ly/RwaPG
53 Crazy-good Digital Photography Tutorials http://bit.ly/195UqT
7 Hi-Res textures of wood and volcanic stone http://bit.ly/hT0YA
70+ Incredible HDR Photographs and Tutorials http://bit.ly/Wo11M
Business Card Design: 100+ Creative Examples, Useful Tutorials and Templates http://bit.ly/rdL74
Cool Photoshop Hair Technique http://bit.ly/64GDB
From Epic Fail Tattoos to Freaky Photoshop Fails http://bit.ly/18recf
Handy Techniques for Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop http://bit.ly/qna5
Stunning Smoke Effects: 42 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/5pXqa
Textures Toolbox: 80+ Texture Resources for Designers http://bit.ly/179nK6
Tips For New Designers To Gain Real-World Experience http://bit.ly/xSO8D
Top 25 Photoshop mystery tutorials http://bit.ly/zcUko
Top 50 Stunning Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials http://bit.ly/gye6C

Anything Blogspot Resources (ABR-*)

Updated: July 28’ 2009

+100 Fresh Blogger Templates Ready For Download http://bit.ly/OvhdA
10 Best Resources for Free Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/F4MUb
10 Most Wanted Free Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/lHH1C
101 Excellent Blogger XML Templates http://bit.ly/RbSfl
125 More Excellent Blogger Templates (The Best Yet!) http://bit.ly/8Kyci
19 Best Resources For Free Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/iCHU1
20 Fabulous Resources for Free Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/Cll0I
200+ Quick Tips for Using Blogger Effectively http://bit.ly/3qdIEC
25 Great Blogger Widgets http://bit.ly/bifPl
29 Beautiful Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/WYYli
30+ Great Resources for Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/3NotMS
30+ Templates & Tools for Blogger http://bit.ly/4v8fUw
40 Free Beautiful Blogger Templates, Part III http://bit.ly/3HGna
50 (Most) Beautiful Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/4dhsc
50 More Beautiful Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/B4nO1
50+ Useful Resources for Bloggers http://bit.ly/rfQdr
62 Free Professional Magazine Themes For Blogger http://bit.ly/QJ4Vo
7 Tips to design professional blog layout using Blogger http://bit.ly/3BkRSN
70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/MDMv2
Blogger Lab- Free Blogger Template Generators! http://bit.ly/eVAj7
Blogger Toolbox: 100+ Tools and Themes http://bit.ly/2RWyhz
Quality Free Blogger Templates + PSD Source Files http://bit.ly/ZkIWa
Roundup Of Best Blogger Templates http://bit.ly/GCMg
The Top 10 Blogger Template Resource Sites http://bit.ly/BST9c
Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips http://bit.ly/1daQ1n
Top Best 50 Blogger & Wordpress Customizations Tips ( Hacks ) http://bit.ly/4eohMr

If you found some collection for blogger.com resources that’s not on my list, please give me a shout at twitter. I will update this post when I find new links related to blogspot.com.

Design and Graphic Resources (DGR-1)

10 Free Grungy Spray Vectors http://bit.ly/dsdd1
10 Free Hi-Res Waterlogged Maps Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/7OSV8
10 Incredible Sites to Improve Your Typography Skills http://bit.ly/17u9Q0
10 PC Productivity Tools for Graphic Designers http://bit.ly/3yFhZR
105 Fantastic & Beautiful HDR Photography http://bit.ly/AoTCP
11 Essential iPhone apps for Designers http://bit.ly/p5WS9
110+ Artworks From The Top 20 Digital Artists in Europe http://bit.ly/WiEiZ
14 Brilliant Tools for Evaluating Your Design’s Colors http://bit.ly/odOcY
15 Cool Snowboard Designs http://bit.ly/48R9GW
150+ Fresh & Free Textures http://bit.ly/NTiAS
17 Amazing Photographic Photos http://bit.ly/15bvaG
18 Creative Examples of Typography in Motion http://bit.ly/VPOUT
18 Fresh Font Designs http://bit.ly/i7QtL
20 Astounding Artworks Demonstrating the Combined Power of Cinema4D and Photoshop http://bit.ly/yPnYP
20 Fresh & Awesome Text Effect Tutorials Using Photoshop & Illustrator http://bit.ly/u59Vw
21 Super Cool Light Abstract Photoshop Brushes http://bit.ly/KFmVN
22 Professional Photoshop Image Enhancing Tutorials  http://tinyurl.com/d7tb38
22 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials http://bit.ly/dMJWI
23 Inspiring And Colorful Examples Of Digital Art And Manipulations http://bit.ly/S6Z0G
25 Elegant Workstations for Your Inspiration http://bit.ly/jclKO
25 Essential Web Services for Designers http://bit.ly/ebAgQ
25 Large Photo Background Websites http://bit.ly/12jFZu
26 Must-Have Free Fonts http://bit.ly/181ymA
26 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials http://bit.ly/EMzkc