Tips on using ScribeFire on Blogger and WordPress

Okay, finally I have found the answer to post using Blogger and Wordpress.
  • Blogger - You have to use manually configure and use this API :
  • WordPress - Do not add manually but use automatic configuration.
Hmmm...I don't understand how come a nice plugin like ScribeFire could have this kind of bug and the workaround is kind of weird.

I have been using it for a couple minutes and it is really a wonderful addition, after you get past the hardest part of setting up ScribeFire extension for posting.

You can add tag or category to your post, you can even edit your old post (just like mine, I edit this post using ScribeFire), I was not able to edit post using Word 2007 and I probably won't use word anymore.

It seems sensible to use a blogging software right on your browser than in separate applications.