Essential Software for Tweaking Windows XP


I like to collect registry tweaking for Windows XP and I got quite a lot of them, but it is getting very tedious to apply them without a software. So I try to look for a good tweaking tool but could not find one that can do everything that I need. So far I installed 4 tweaking software on my system.

1. TweakUI

2. TuneXP 1.5

3. FreshUI

4. XdN Tweaker

Among those four software TuneXP and TweakUI are very good and complete solutions. FreshUI has extensive tweak settings but are not recommended unless you really know what you're doing and quite powerful, but still missing some features that are in TweakUI and TuneXP.

So I would recommend TweakUI & TuneXP for power user, and as for regular user you can use TweakUI and XdN Tweaker.

For someone that need really heavy tweaking than you can use TweakUI, TuneXP, & FreshUI.

TuneXP, XdN Tweaker can be downloaded: