Launching Live Writer with custom window size and position using NirCmd

I found out that in my computer Live Writer is not saving the windows position and size. Everytime, I open a new Live Writer it will have new position and new size.

So I put a quick workaround by launching Live Writer from NirCmd:

  1. Create a script called "LiveWriter.ncl" and put it in ie: C:\NirCmd\LiveWriter.ncl
  2. Write the script as follow :
    execmd "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\WindowsLiveWriter.exe"
    cmdwait 3000 win setsize ititle "Writer" 372 0 1175 1166
  3. Make a shortcut with command nircmd script "c:\NirCmd\LiveWriter.ncl"

Result: Now you will have a shortcut that will launch Live Writer and after 2000ms will move and resize the Live Writer to a customize position and size. If somehow it doesn't work, you need to play around with the time to execute by increasing from 2000ms to 3000ms or 4000ms.