Maxthon - Enhance your Internet Explorer Experience

Maxthon is build on top of IE so basically it is using IE engine for browsing. I rather use maxthon than installing a lot of addons for IE. Although there are a good plugins for IE, but when you try Maxthon you will forget about other add-ons completely. I like Firefox but a lot of Web Developer seems to focus building their page for IE so sometimes it doesn't look good on Firefox (for instance it layout is mix-up). I won't abandoning Firefox since it is still my primary browser with its extensive add-ons that IE or Maxthon don't have. In summary Maxthon is the best browser if you like Internet Explorer but if you like Firefox and already customize it with a lot of plugins then stick with Firefox then. Comparison wise in features between Firefox and Maxthon = +40% more features in Firefox. IE with Maxthon = Maxthon + 30%.

Some strong features:

- Ability to stop picture & flash animation in inactive tab(s) so that it will lower your cpu consumption.

- Ability to turn of sounds, Flash movies, GIF animations.

- Web capture as image.

- Auto fill form in webpage.

- Mouse Gestures (Using mouse movement to issue command, such as mouse right click + move down + move right = close tab)

- Feature pack in one download without getting additional thing you it will fill most people browsing need.

I think this browser is intended for people that like Internet Explorer and found some features are missing. They will probably find it in Maxthon. For Firefox user is useful to replace IE, just use IE View to open specific page intended for IE in Maxthon.