NirCmd - Freeware command line tool for Windows

A very useful command line tool for people that like to run customized shortcuts.

Some useful code snippet that I used:

  • Set windows that have a title "Writer" to position 372,0 (x,y) with size 1175,1166 (width,height); Useful for setting the desired size for new created windows. I really don't like my windows to be on the most left for the new created one and I just run this shortcut to put it as the way I like it.
    nircmd.exe win setsize ititle "Writer" 372 0 1175 1166
  • Dialing internet connection named "Speedy"
    nircmd.exe rasdialdlg "Speedy"
  • Hangup internet connection named "Speedy"
    nircmd.exe rashangup "Speedy"

There are plenty of more command that you can specifed, above is some of the command shortcuts that I'm currently using.