Oracle JDeveloper 10g - The Best Java/J2EE IDE

"In the past I have tried Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA 6, JBuilder 2006 and they always have something missing that require me to have at least 2 IDE open while developing. Finally, I found out about JDeveloper 6 months ago and now I only use 1 IDE. It is very fast and easy to use and have plenty of features. The code editor is very fast when displaying auto-complete. A lot of people that won RAD Java contents are using JDeveloper and I think you should to and it will improve your code as well as you efficiency. It also have a nice additions such as Oracle ADF that can complement your Swing and JSF component, although the learning curve is quite steep for ADF because of its extensive components." - Richard


Oracle JDeveloper is an intergrated development environment (IDE) for building service oriented applications using the latest industry standards for Java, XML, Web services and SQL.

Oracle JDeveloper supports the complete development life cycle with intergrated features for modeling, coding, debugging, testing,