SciTE - The Best Text Editor


SciTE is really the Gold Standard for Text Editor. There are many popular text editors that are based on SciTE engine Scintilla, such as Programmer's Notepad, Notepad++, Komodo IDE.

What I like about it is very fast launching, take around 1 second in my machine and it also very stable and highly customizeable. Since it is open source, I can also make a fix in the source code for some features that is missing.

This text editor is also used as default installation when you install Ruby (The most popular scripting language).

Anyway you should try it and you will love it so much. My suggestion is that if you're a casual user than you might want to use Notepad++, but if you're a power user or user that like to do text base customization than SciTE is for you. SciTE is more configurable than Notepad++.