StarOffice 8 & 2.2


I have been using Microsoft Office for so long and today I decided to give a try. And amazingly it is very good and a lot of features in Office 2007 is in Maybe I should try to give more time to get use to it. I'm trying to dump MS Office because of its ridiculous pricing. Every new release you had to pay at least $400 to get a decent package. Yes, there are lower prices for Office but it doesn't have enough features as the $400. I think $0 for or $75 StarOffice which you can get for free from Google Pack is a very good bargain. I believe people need to find out about since it's free and it has the same features with Office 2007. I don't think the learning curve is much, unless you're using VBA macro. Myself is using VBA Macro quite extensively and I don't mind learning the OpenOffice BASIC since I read somewhere that it will be much easier in the long run.


Hopefully, many people will use it and they can donate the $400 for a good cause charity :)