vHtmlMerger 1.7.7 - Combine multiple HTML files

"Very useful for combining multiple HTML pages into one HTML file. You should watch out in combining using toc files where the hyperlinks is not an actual HTML files but an anchor. vHtmlMerger will combine according to each link. I rarely combine using toc file, I usually add the html files manually by drag & drop" - Richard

Description :

  • The purpose of the application is to merge multiple html files in one file.
  • Use either Table of Contents (toc) or multi html files.
  • Support for CSS (internal to generated file or external to .css file).
  • Support for scripts.
  • Select a toc html file or multi html files. For multi html files check [Multi HTML Files].
  • For multi html files you have the option to change the order. Use the arrow buttons.
  • When ready click [Merge] button.

Download : http://iterati.org