WinMerge - Visual Text File Differencing and Merging



  • Visual differencing and merging of text files.
  • Flexible editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers and word-wrap.
  • Handles DOS, UNIX and MAC text file formats.
  • Unicode support.
  • Difference pane shows current difference in two vertical panes.
  • Location pane shows map of files compared.
  • Highlights differences inside lines in file compare.
  • Regular Expression based file filters in directory compare allow excluding and including items.
  • Moved lines detection in file compare
  • Creates patch files.
  • Shell Integration (supports 64-bit Windows versions).
  • Rudimentary Visual SourceSafe and Rational ClearCase integration.
  • Archive file support using 7-Zip.
  • Plugin support.
  • Localizable interface via resource DLL.
  • Online manual and installed HTML Help manual.