Bulk Image Downloader v1.34 - Free with limitation of 200 queue files & 2 concurrent download


Suppose you've come across a thumbnailed web gallery full of beautiful high quality pictures that you just have to download and add to your collection. But clicking on each thumbnail to get to the full sized image will take ages - plus you'll probably have to battle popups and adverts if the images are hosted on a free image hosting site! Some web hosts even scramble the image filenames, while others are so unreliable that you end up clicking Refresh over and over until the image finally loads!! So what do you do?

Well, you've found the solution! Bulk Image Downloader (BID) is a specialized image downloading tool that can save you hours of tedious manual work. BID is so easy to set up and use that you just won't believe how quickly you'll have it downloading full sized images from almost any thumbnailed web gallery you throw at it. Its built in image detection technology can handle image hosts that most other conventional web downloaders can't! It will even detect corrupt and partially downloaded images and automatically retry for you. All your images will be downloaded without fail.


I have been looking around for an image downloader that can bypass imagehost. I found only 2 so far, and they are:

  • ImageHost Grabber (Firefox Extension)

  • Bulk Image Downloader (Max 200 queue files and 2 simultaneous download)

  • ImageHost is discontinued as of 18-Feb-2008 and It only left me with Bulk Image Downloader (Shareware version have unlimited download queue and 50 simultaneous download). I still find it worth downloading because it is better than manually click each image by hand. On average a good picture have around 50+ images per topics in forum and doing it manually is out of the question. My suggestion is try Bulk Image Downloader for the unregistered version and it is still better than doing it manually.