Comodo Firewall - Firewall with spyware & trojan protection


  • Complete protection from Hackers, Spyware, Trojans and Identity theft

  • Host Intrusion Prevention System stops malware from being installed [NEW]

  • Clean PC Mode registers your current applications then will allow only applications that you approve to be installed on your computer [NEW]

  • Malware Scan Feature checks your computer for viruses, spyware and trojans before you install Comodo Firewall Pro [NEW]

  • Free Download. No charges or license fees ever.

Install now for out-of-the-box protection against identity theft hackers, trojans, viruses, scripts and other unknown threats

Offers More Features Than Similar Paid Firewalls

Unlike some other free firewalls, this is not a stripped down version, but is a fully functional product. Updates are also free.

Comodo is delivering this highly rated firewall free as a cornerstone of our initiative to empower consumers to create a safe and trusted online experience whenever you go online. This new initiative will also make available other free desktop security tools to avoid leading threats such as phishing attacks.

The free tools include: the ability to authenticate web identities in real time (, free email certificates for secure email encryption, secure backup for backing up files on your pc and iVault for password management and launching secured internet sessions. Together, all these solution could cost upwards of $500 per year to achieve a comparable level of internet security and safety. And all these products are offered free for the lifetime of the PC - without any annual subscription fees or licenses.