Fast Explorer 2008 v3.0.10.393 - Managing file explorer context-menu


This handy utility allows you to manage context menus items of file objects displayed in a file manager, such as Windows Explorer or Total Commander.

With Fast Explorer you can create new menu items, submenus, dividers, specify menu bitmaps and hint text, and manage existing menu items added by other programs.

For an ultimate control over dynamic menu items added from within Fast Explorer you can define your own look & feel using the custom-drawing feature.

Fast Explorer is a very simple way to make your often used file actions quickly accessible!

What´s New in version

  • enhanced Vista-style user interface;
  • 64-bit version of Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL (thanks to Free Pascal Compiler);
  • partial Windows x64 Edition support: menu items added from the Submenu Items tab appear on context menus for both 32 & 64-bit apps (other tabs marked with [WOW64] are working with 32-bit applications only);
  • new "Check for updates" feature;
  • language selection option from the main window menu;
  • core code optimizations (for better performance);
  • new "send crash report via email" feature;
  • fix: Windows Vista automatically prompts to elevate rights to run Fast Explorer with administrative rights;
  • fix: batch files (.bat) didn´t start from context menu when their paths contain spaces;
  • fix: surrounding quotes were incorrectly stripped from the arguments in some cases;
  • fix: shell extensions with empty name were hidden in the Shell Extensions Cleanup tab;
  • fix: shell extensions with relative file names were marked as not found in the Shell Extensions Cleanup tab;
  • fix: environment strings (like %SystemRoot%) in executable file names are supported.