hh.exe (Microsoft HTML Help) Parameters

HH.EXE is distributed with HTML Help so you can rely on it being present. It lives in the Windows folder and has a limited number of command-line options. HH.EXE is associated with .CHM files. So double-click a .CHM file and Windows will open the file using HH.EXE. Its a very small file, it mostly passes the help filename onto a HH API library. HH.EXE is not single instance, if you open a CHM file three times using HH.EXE, then three help windows will appear.

Example of opening a help topic using Help ID = 1001

HH.EXE  -mapid 1001 ms-its:path/help.chm
Note: The “–map <ID> <file.chm>” command line became available in HH 1.1b.

Example of opening a help topic using a topic path

HH.EXE  ms-its::path/help.chm::/path/topic.htm
HH.EXE  mk:@MSITStore:path/help.chm::/path/topic.htm

Example of using HH.EXE to decompile a CHM help file

HH.EXE  -decompile  destdir  file.chm
where "destdir" is the directory to put the files into. This could be simply "."

Note: The mk:@MSITStore protocol works with IE3 and above while ms-its works with IE4 and above. A shorter version of “ms-its” is to just use “its”. Actually, the later versions of HH don’t even require the protocol prefix.

KeyHH.EXE is a free program from KeyWorks Software, written by Ralph Walden. KeyHH.EXE supports many more command line options then HH.EXE. I have to say that KeyHH.EXE is an excellent program. I distribute it with most applications I help produce.
You can get more information about KeyHH.EXE from the KeyWorks web site at http://www.keyworks.net/.