IE View Lite - Firefox 2 Extension



This is a rewritten version of IE View by Paul Roub, which is 58.9 KB. All the same features are there, but it has been re-built from the ground up to be smaller and more efficient. IE Tab, which allows users to embed IE in a Firefox tab, only works on Windows because it uses compiled C++ in DLLs. If your a Linux user that wants to open pages in Konqueror or IE via WINE, IE Tab will not work. The regular IE View homepage says that it's Windows only. IE View Lite is cross-platform, meaning it will work on multiple OS's. It has been successfully tested on Windows and Xandros, but does not work on Mac OSX due to a flaw in Firefox.

The default path to IE is set to the Windows default of C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe. If you are using another OS or have Internet Explorer installed to another location, you will have to change this to the path of Internet Explorer on your computer. You can also point this to another browser, such as Opera. If you want to, you can point the path to any program. It doesn't have to be a browser.

A lot of people have been asking about wildcards. They keep requesting them, and I keep telling them that they are already there if you know how to use them. Well for everyone who doesn't know, this is how it goes. Instead of using * to signal a wildcard, you just only include the part of the URL that you need in there. IE View Lite only checks to make sure that the URL contains the terms on the list. So instead of ** to launch all Google pages in IE, just put in or just google. Then any URL containing will be launched in IE. Another example: Most video players such as Scifi Pulse or CMT Loaded will not work in Firefox, but most of them do contain the word videos in the URL. So, just put videos on the Always View in IE list and any URL that contains videos will launch in IE. Yes, some URLs that shouldn't (those that contain the word videos but don't require IE) will open in IE, and some URLs that should (those that require IE but don't contain the word videos in the address) will not get launched. However, in my experience, this trick works in about 90% of cases. So all the functionality is still there, but processing * wildcard just took to much code. This way is much more compact.