RockXP 4.0 - Windows Passwords / Serials Retriever

- Allow you to get all Microsoft Software Serials
- Allow you to change your XP key
- Allow you to save you XP activation
- Allow you to retrieve you internet connection parameters (like passwords)
- Allow you to retrieve MSN login and password
- Allow you to retrieve XP login and HASH password
- Allow you to display system password (LSA)
- Allow you to generate random password


RockXP is a tool that allow you to retrieve password. To do that, RockXP use a third part tool called Pwdump2.exe is an opensource software (Sources are included in RockXp). This tool retrieve HASH password of Windows. Unfortunatly, some Antivirus detect this tool like a Virus, but it’s not. So if you have downloaded this software from this website, I guarantee a 100% free of virus software… So, now you are free to use this tool… Thanks to you.


There are a lot of shareware for doing thing as the freeware RockXP. I see no point on buying a software just to do a simple and rarely used application. Luckly RockXP is there, it is free and does the job.