RSFind! 1.1 - Firefox 2 Extension


RSFind! is a firefox extension that comes to make your life easy, if you are one of Rapidshare (or other hosting services) maniacs.

RSFind! can find links to files on hosting services (e.g. rapidshare) that appear in the currently visiting webpage(s). It gives you the capability to select the files you want and manage them altogether. Currently implemented managements are copying them to clipboard and opening them in tabs.

Note that you can pass the links to a Download Manager (like USDownloader) by using the copy to clipboard function (it is required that the Download Manager has a clipboad-watching function).


This is a good addons for firefox that deals with file sharing site such as,,, etc. In the past, I only used flashgot to retrieve the links but then it won't use my rapidshare password because it contains other links than rapidshare. By using this extension than only links to rapidshare are retrieve.

To use it, user have to click the button manually on the status bar. This addon also have an option to check link that are clear text, so the use of any extension to linkify the link is not needed.