Running chm files with custom windows size & position

I created an AutoIt script to open chm files because there are some chm files that doesn't save the windows position and size. Also it is better using below a wrapper because everytime I open any help files it will have my desired window size and position.

Below is an AutoIt script for wrapping hh.exe to open chm files and then change the window size and position to your specified values.

ShellExecute("D:\( My Documents )\.AutoIt\HH Project\BackUp\hh.exe", $CmdLineRaw)
WinWait("[CLASS:HH Parent]")
WinMove("[CLASS:HH Parent]", "", 70, 0, 1850, 1171)
ControlMove("[CLASS:HH Parent]", "", "HH Child2", 0 ,43, 438, 1096)

1. Use AutoIt Window Info for setting the correct values for WinMove and ControlMove. Above setting is used for my 1920 x 1200 monitor.
2. And then you need to copy the original hh.exe from C:\windows\hh.exe to any location and the change the ShellExecute values to the hh.exe that you copied into.
3. Compile above script in AutoIt then copied the compiled hh.exe to :