Snap Links - Firefox 2 Extension


The main goal of the extension is to allow easy and fast opening of multiple results presented by search engines (but it should work on any site).

Snap Links is similar to other extensions that open multiple links yet it works in a different way from most of them. The most important differences are:

  • The user selects the links by drawing a rectangle (instead of highlighting the text or moving the
  • mouse precisely over the links)
  • Only the main links are selected by default
  • Requires only one click
  • There is visual aid to show which links are currently selected
  • The extension attempts to be simple, fast and intuitive

Snap Links can even be useful for (lazy) users to open single links. These way the users won't have to pinpoint by clicking on the link, instead they may just clumsily drag the mouse over the link while pressing the right mouse button.

The user selects the links by dragging the right mouse button. By default the main (bigger) links are the only ones selected.

The user may move the selection area by holding the Alt key while moving the mouse.

Pressing the Shift key will select all links that intersect the selection area instead of just the main links.

The Escape key will cancel the selection area.

Snap Links allows users to select the default action on the options window (open links in new tabs, in new windows, in new tabs on a new window, bookmark, download or copy links to clipboard). Holding Ctrl while releasing the mouse button will allow users to override the default action.