Azureus v3.0.2.2 & Shu Mod Build 210 - Ability control your torrent download & upload report to tracker


Azureus is a popular, full featured and extendible BitTorrent client written in Java. Shu Mod is a hacked version of Azureus that enables leecher-like features, such as, no upload, ratio faking and client spoofing. Unfortunately, to enable the more advanced features of the Shu Mod client, you must donate 25€ to receive "VIP" access. Since Java is compiled into bytecode it is possible to decompile the client into a readable form and create a hack to enable these advanced features. The DDJ (DigitalDJ) Hack offers the latest version of the Shu Mod client with the advanced features enabled! Here are a few things this hack does:

  • Removes account checking and enables full "admin" features, such as No Upload, Tracker/Client Client Spoofing and Report no download to peers
  • Makes news checking and version checking optional by a button accessible in the Shu + DDJ Hack configuration window
  • Removes the donation window for Shu
  • Adds an option to display no splash image on startup
  • Removes any login boxes related to account checking
  • The hack also includes useful plugins to enchance features for both leeching and general use of Azureus. Included plugins are:
  • 3D View
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Removes the donation window for Shu
  • AzBlog
  • Chat
  • ClientSpoof w/ uTorrent 1.6.1
  • ClientSpoof w/ Azureus
  • CountryLocator
  • Extra Seeding Columns
  • Monitoring Plugin
  • Peer Injector
  • Rating
  • RSS Feeds
  • SafePeer

How to install:

  1. Install Azureus v3.0.2.2
  2. Install the mod from the 'Shu Mod Build 210 DigitalDJ Hack' folder using the 'Shu Mod Build 210 DigitalDJ Hack Installation Guide.html' included
  3. Remember to disable automatic updates so you don't end up disabling the mod before it is updated to be compatible with the new version of Azureus
  4. Start Downloading:)