CHMUnpacker - Extracting CHM Files


CHMUnpacker can export any types of files from Compiled Windows HTML Help file(*.chm).it can manage CHM like a zip file,you can run the files in CHM or unpack it just like Winzip.You can view the HTML text or pictures by simply double click the file.

This application was a shareware but now a freeware. You can use  KfQZpAcNObTWv4Cn for the registration code.


Previously, I used CHM Encoder for extracting my files but it get really cumbersome everytime I want to extract something I need to go file dialogs and go to the folder where my chm is located.

By using CHMUnpacker, I can specify a right click chm file context-menu and do extraction automatically. CHMUnpacker can also show the list of files inside chm, so that we can extract only the part we want.

The disadvantage of using CHMUnpacker is that we will not get a generated HTML Tree like if we used a CHM Decoder. Since I don't need to see an HTML Tree, I prefer on using CHMUnpacker.