How to upload from rapidshare to rapidshare ?

If you have file in rapidshare that you would like them to be uploaded to your own rapidshare account, you can follow below methods:

  1. Go to the RapidShare link you want to remote upload.
  2. Click Free, and copy the URL from the address bar.
  3. Put your RapidShare premium username and password into the URL like this:
  4. Go to and shorten your URL from step 3.
    Choose your custom URL, as the filename that you want the file to be downloaded as. (ie: UltraISO.rar or Cloverfield-par1.rar)
  5. Add the new short URL into the remote upload box in RapidShare.
    The file will be named whatever you chose for your short URL, so add in a .rar (or other extension) when choosing your short URL.

There is also an easier way for step 2 if you have plenty of files. You can use Free Download Manager to hold all your rapidshare links and then highlight all the links you wanted to check the direct connection. Press Shift-Q, after the task is completed. Then you can export the download using File > Export > Export Selected Downloads, into a txt file.