ImageHost Grabber - Firefox addons for batch image download on popular image hosting

What is ImageHost Grabber?

ImageHost Grabber is a firefox extension that will download all images on a page that are hosted on an image host. You find this often in web forums where people will use a free image host to post a gallery of pictures. This extension will allow you to download all the images on the current page.

What versions of firefox are supported?

As of right now, version 1.0 to 3.0a1 are supported. Simple enough right?

What image hosts are supported?

Currently, the following are supported:

10pix Adultimagehoster Allyoucanupload Babeshack ( Babeupload Campusbug Chickupload Divshare Dumpanimage Dumparump Facebook Fap2It Fapomatic Fileden Fotofap FotoRadikal Freefilehosting Freeimagehost Freeporndumpster FriendlyImage Glowfoto Hostwhore Imageba Imagebeaver Imagedemon, Imagefap Imagefly Imagehaven Imagehigh Imagereverb Imageshack Imageshadow ImagesHappy Imageshock Imagesocket Imagevenue Imagewaste Keepmyfile Mexaupload MonkeyMedia Image Hosting Myspace Paintedover Photobucket Picsie Piczhost Pimpshare Pixloads, PornJJ Pussyupload Shareapic Shareavenue Shareloading Squirrelturd Snapshotgirlz Supload TheImagehosting Tinypic TopPicHost Uploadem Upqt Urlcash Usercash Webshots XS.TO Xxxloading Zshare

Where can I get the latest version?

You can download the latest version below.

For anyone that looking for a free bulk image downloader than go no further than this. If you want to download images from above imagehost than this extension is a must. I highly recommended than using the Bulk Image Download. Why don't get a free version of ImageHost Grabber, a firefox extension to download all your pictures.

Previously, I'm not using this because the developer stop updating it. But apparently he start to update it again for his personal reason.

Some people might use mass downloader like orbit or downthemall, but they can only download images like jpg that are directly on the page, but if it has to pass javascript pages or other than ImageHost Grabber is the only why to go for free.

Other that prefer a better version can use the paid version of Bulk Image Download, created by other company. But I won't recommended to use it unless ImageHost Grabber doesn't work for you.