A simple way to restart TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a very good client for twitter, but it needs to be occasionally restart so that it does not use too much memory. On my computer it used up to 1.5gb if I let it run for a long time.

1. Need to download NirCmd from http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html
2. Extract NirCmd for instance in C:\NirCmd

1. Create file called TweetDeck.bat in C:\
2. Right click TweetDeck.bat and select "Edit"
3. Insert below lines to the TweetDeck.bat
"C:\NirCmd\nircmd.exe" killprocess TweetDeck.exe
"C:\NirCmd\nircmd.exe" execmd "C:\Program Files\TweetDeck\TweetDeck.exe"
4. Now you're done. You can just double-click on TweetDeck.bat to restart you're TweetDeck.