Web Development Resources (WD-2)

40 Highly Creative Headers http://bit.ly/2qJTHg
40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns http://bit.ly/10bmI7
45 Most Creative Blog Designs from blogosphere http://bit.ly/8q2K2
46 Inspiring Website Templates for Web Design Firms http://bit.ly/17twhX
47 Tutorials for Creating Professional Posters and Advertisements http://bit.ly/1fSxPF
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50 Useful Tools and Generators for Easy CSS Development http://bit.ly/14aIku
6 Tips for Choosing the Right Freelancer http://bit.ly/xZJwJ
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9 Useful Time tracking Applications http://bit.ly/10v3qh
96 Beautiful & Stunning Website Headers Inspiration http://bit.ly/AX4Ji
Be Smart, Use Version Control At Home And Everywhere Else http://bit.ly/g8efn
Breaking It Down: Regular Expressions http://bit.ly/2Af3Ii
Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which? http://bit.ly/12eptQ
Getting Started with CSS: A Practical Exercise http://bit.ly/LgtDl
How to build a desktop WYSIWYG editor with WebKit and HTML 5 http://bit.ly/ve60c
How to mentor entry level developers http://bit.ly/Gl8EM
In choosing a CMS: 40+ Great CMS Theming Tutorials http://bit.ly/nZ7nz
Mega CSS Resource Roundup http://bit.ly/o14yx
Niche Content Management Systems http://bit.ly/17SAIC